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Terms of use

The website and domain www.rbarcos.com.br, as well as its subdomains, features, content and other applications and services (including mobile applications) are the property of RBARCOS OPERAÇÕES TURÍSTICAS LTDA, duly registered under CNPJ of nº 27.187.455 / 0001 -14, with CADASTUR CERTIFICATE No. 03.086266.10.0001-0, based at Rua Doutor Orlando Falcone, No. 19, Quadra 16B, Lote 19, Planalto, CEP: 69.044.370 and are subject to the terms and conditions of this term of use. RBarcos may offer certain services, which will be better described on our WebSite, and which will be chosen by you (on our WebSite), exclusively for your personal use. The term "services" includes, without limitation, the use of the WebSite and Mobile, any service that RBarcos offers you and content offered by RBarcos on our WebSite. RBarcos may make changes or suspend its services at any time, including the availability of any WebSite function, database or content. RBarcos may also define limitations on the use of some functions or services of the WebSite, or restrict access to part of the services without the need for prior notification. RBarcos reserves the right to modify this term of use at any time and undertakes to notify its users, through notifications on our WebSite, our media and via email from our users. You, our user, will be responsible for reading such changes and staying on the platform will already be considered tacit acceptance. Such term, hereinafter called "Term of Use", will be regulated according to the conditions described below:

The purpose of this Term of Use is to explain the rules and conditions that will guide the use of the services offered by RBarcos. When using the RBarcos electronic platform for contracting vessels and services, offering vessels for contracting and / or services, the USER and ADVERTISER automatically adhere to and fully accept the conditions established in this document.


Full reading and acceptance of the Term of Use is mandatory for all registered USERS and ADVERTISERS and contractors of the Service.

When registering as a USER and / or contracting the Services offered here, the USER declares that he has complied with all the conditions presented in this Term of Use.

By accepting this Term of Use, the USER declares to have corporate powers to accept the present, being responsible for any damages caused to third parties, practices of acts prohibited by law and the provisions of this Term of Use or for false statements


RBarcos offers the service of publication of offers and announcements of vessels, for rental purposes, being, therefore, generating a digital brokerage and intermediation platform designed to bring the USER closer to the ADVERTISER.

The company's activities are restricted to the digital platform presented at www.rbarcos.com.br and mobile, its own domain.

To use the services offered by RBarcos, the USER must register on the company's platform. The registration gives the USER the right to access the RBarcos services available on the digital platform.

The amount indicated to the USER will include the costs related to the rental of the material and the RBarcos commission for the business generated.

RBarcos has no responsibility for the execution of the vessel's budgeted requests, as well as for any understanding reached between USER and ADVERTISERS.

The values ​​published by RBarcos are the exclusive responsibility of the ADVERTISERS, since they are calculated by the platform according to information provided by the ADVERTISERS, always stipulating the daily rate. However, if the USER does not accept the established conditions, he / she may contact RBarcos presenting his proposal, which will be analyzed and answered as soon as possible.  

RBarcos will have no participation or interference in the drafting of any movable property lease agreements to be signed between USER and ADVERTISER.

The conditions for the removal, delivery, maintenance, custody, among others, of the vessels will be established between the USER and the ADVERTISERS, without any participation from RBarcos.


The RBarcos commission will correspond to a certain percentage of the amount paid for the rental of the vessel;

The USER who wishes to carry out the vessel rental operation offered on the platform must make to RBarcos the full payment of the amount indicated on the website;

Payment must be made through the RBarcos platform, according to the conditions;

Tours, day charter and charters with overnight stay: 20% for RBarcos.


1. Any delays or improprieties in the delivery or removal of vessels will be the responsibility of the USER, with a fine of 3% per month and interest of 1% per day.

2. RBarcos may directly charge Leased Instruments and Delayed Amounts through Extrajudicial and Judicial channels, the first (first) e-mail being considered as purging the arrears.


1. RBarcos indicates on its platform the description of the vessels and their conditions as presented by the ADVERTISER, who will be responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

If the USER identifies defects not described in the equipment, RBarcos will, by mere liberality, make the best efforts in the attempt to solve the problem with the ADVERTISER.


The USER's registration data and access information will only be used by RBarcos to improve the browsing experience, improve the services offered to its customers and to achieve its business objectives.

Registration data and user access information will not be provided to third parties, except in the event of data being provided by court order, or by legal order, when the order comes from police authorities. RBarcos will only provide the USER's personal information to ADVERTISERS, with the sole and exclusive purpose of performing the intermediation service.

RBarcos undertakes to take all possible security measures to protect the USER's personal data.

The USER will be responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, under penalty of being subject to the applicable legal sanctions.



RBarcos may change the conditions of this Term of Use at any time, without the need for prior notice or communication.


1 - RBarcos offers an evaluation system based on the opinion of its users, in order to improve the browsing experience and the provision of its service.

2 - RBarcos may exclude comments and / or forms of expression that may, in any way, offend or represent a fault with the truth.

3 - RBarcos may suspend the browsing privileges of users who use the space for user evaluations and opinions to practice unjustified offenses or against the right, morals, honor of others or good customs, until further clarification is provided.

4 - The available evaluations do not represent an opinion or expression of the will of RBarcos, but rather of the registered users who will publish in the referred site.

5 - Registered users are responsible before the law for the content of the evaluations published in the domain of RBarcos.


You agree, and undertake, not to upload information, use services or corroborate any matter that (I) infringes or violates intellectual property rights; privacy and publication rights as well as any third party software rights; (II) violates any law, statute or regulation; (III) it offers risk, whether fraudulent, abusive, violent, obscene, defamatory or vulgar; (IV) involves commercial activities or / and sales without the written consent of RBarcos; (V) who represents, or impersonates, any person or entity, including, without limitation, any employee or representative of RBarcos; (VI) that contains a virus, trojan or any file that may cause damage to a computer. RBarcos reserves the right to remove any file, at any time and under any justification. You, and not RBarcos, are fully responsible for any content you upload on your own website, and grant us the right to make use of that content. You are aware that you are responsible for acquiring the intellectual property and use rights for the files you upload to our WebSite and that, if you do not have them, it is your duty to communicate with the holders of such rights and your responsibility to respond for misuse of such contents, whatever they may be. You are responsible for any and all activities or connections made during the time you are browsing our website and you are aware that any activity that violates any term of this agreement will cause your right to use RBarcos to be revoked, including any request for access. third-party profiles and any matter that violates the rights and privacy of other users.


RBarcos has no fiduciary duty to you. When using RBarcos you are aware that we have no control, or responsibility, to take any action regarding: which users have access to the Services; what content you access on our Services; the effects that the content may have on you; how you will interpret or make use of the content; or what actions you will take when exposed to the content. You exempt RBarcos from any responsibility regarding whether you have purchased or not purchased any content and equipment through our services. The services may contain, or may direct you to websites that contain, information that some people may find offensive or inappropriate. RBarcos makes no representations about any content contained or accessed through the Services, and RBarcos is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, as well as its copyright, legal or for the decency of the material contained or accessed through our services. RBarcos is also not responsible for the information found in the comments, evaluations and recommendations made by users about the services offered on our Website.


For more information about RBarcos' Privacy Policy, please read our Privacy Policy Term. Your acceptance of this agreement must be accompanied by your acceptance of the Privacy Policy.


As a condition to purchase the equipment offered on the RBarcos platform and make use of some of our services, you will need to register with RBarcos, creating your “User Account” with email and password (it is recommended that the password is different from the e email informed). If you are using RBarcos through a Third Party Software or Platform, such as Facebook, you can log in with the same User Account, thus using the same username (Login) and password. You must register using truthful information and complete all necessary fields, otherwise we will understand that you are not complying with the agreement set out in this document and, therefore, we will need to delete your account. You must not (I) select or use another person's User Account; (II) use as a User Login the name or identity of another person, unless authorized. RBarcos reserves the right to refuse a registration or cancel if it does not follow the criteria previously defined. You are responsible for keeping your information updated and the security of your account and password. 


13.1 The deadline for withdrawal and rescheduling of the voucher may vary, but it will directly interfere with the reimbursement amounts, if any;

13.2 Rescheduling will depend on the ADVERTISER's availability;

13.3 Withdrawal required before 7 (seven) days, will result in the return of 100% of the voucher;

13.4 Rescheduling required before the stipulated period, you will suffer a fine that will vary according to the time of the request, which will be automatically deducted from the Voucher;


7 days

until 72h

until 48h

until 24h











13.5 The communication of the withdrawal and rescheduling must be made through the contacts posted on the website, namely, E-mail, message or telephone contact, which will be answered within a maximum period of 2 working days;  

13.6 In extreme cases, the USER may request that the refund be reconsidered, which will depend on the approval of RBarcos and the ADVERTISER;

13.7 In case of theft and force majeure that make navigation impossible, the USER may reschedule a new date without cost, if he prefers reimbursement, a 10% (ten percent) administrative fee will be deducted.


If the USER does not appear on the previously scheduled date without having requested the rescheduling and requested to withdraw, there will be a total loss of the voucher paid, once the vessel will be available.


The Manaus District Court is elected to resolve issues arising from these adjustments. And so, being in agreement, they sign this instrument on the date of the effective registration and acceptance of these terms.

SOLE PARAGRAPH: Regardless of the city in which the service request is made, the FORO will be the COMARCA DE MANAUS.


RBarcos will use its best efforts to keep the platform running for 24 (twenty four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week. However, for reasons beyond its control or due to scheduled maintenance, the system may be inoperable, and it is certain that RBarcos will take all possible measures to reestablish the platform as soon as possible.

RBarcos may, at its sole discretion, suspend or interrupt the operation of the platform, without the need for prior communication to the USER.

For security reasons, any and all communication between RBarcos and the USER will be carried out through the platform, except for the registration confirmation email.

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