RBarcos - Data protection policy

Data protection policy

We use the USERS personal data (the general data) only for sending it to the TOURIST / HOSTING SERVICE OWNER at the time of acceptance and contracting of the rental services carried out by the RBarcos platform.

We assume that the data belongs to individuals regardless of the country of origin or where they are located, ensuring that this personal information has been collected or processed on our platform and the processing has the sole purpose of offering or providing services .

Personal data refers to information that relates, identifies and / or can identify an Individual, who in the law is defined as the Data Subject.

The Data Subject will always have the right to access his personal data, as well as the way they are being treated on our platform.

RBarcos establishes as internal governance, what information is considered as personal data, how it is treated, who, how and when it can be accessed, used and for how long they must remain in the platform databases.

Thus, we have implemented various administrative and security measures, essentially computerized, so that we guarantee the protection of personal data existing in our databases as well as those that may be collected and processed.

We continuously train the various areas of RBarcos so that our employees are familiarized with and understand their roles and responsibilities in the treatment of the personal data of USERS registered on our platform.

We are ultimately responsible for protecting the rights to freedom and privacy of people who register on our platform through the adoption of measures that guarantee the correct treatment of personal data.

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