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Customers (Browsers)

On the home page you must fill in the search field with the desired location or click directly on “Rent a boat” at the top of the screen. After finding the ideal vessel, fill in the start and end dates of the reservation, right after clicking on the button "Log in to Book!" or “Book now”. Just wait for confirmation from the vessel owner. If confirmed, you will have a maximum period of 24 hours to make the payment, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.
The daily rate is usually 10 hours, usually between 8 am and 6 pm. However, if you want to request another time, there is the possibility of making adjustments according to your need, remembering that it is at the discretion of the vessel owner to decide whether or not to accept such conditions.
We will always be attentive to weather conditions. In the event of severe weather conditions (such as a storm or wind), both parties will schedule a new date for the tour, with a maximum period of the following 06 months. However, for any other climatic condition that does not compromise passenger safety, rescheduling of the date will not be allowed.
Yes, it is possible to rent a boat overnight or 24 hours. At the time of booking, depending on the vessel, there will be a field where it is possible to request this service, which should cost the final amount.
To guarantee the safety of your tour, payment is made directly through our platform. We accept Deposit / Bank Transfer and Credit Cards
Yes, we have a Cancellation Policy. However, this may generate some financial penalties, depending on the period between cancellation and check-in, with the objective of subsidizing the injured party, and covering our operating costs. To make the cancellation official, use the cancellation option in your client area.
It depends on each vessel or nautical tour. In your selection this will be shown in the booking options. We advise the lessor (navigator) to keep in mind a specific route, so we can make an estimate regarding fuel costs or observe the nautical packages already defined with fuel included.
When the reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details: reservation number, boat name, tour date, etc. Print or show on     cell phone screen for the vessel's captain at the time of boarding.

Owners (Boat owners)

For you to make your boat rental available through RBarcos, it must meet the following items:     
- Be regularized at the Port Authority;     
- Have the compulsory DPEM insurance;     
- Be in good condition for use;     
- If you do not have “Assistance and Rescue (AS)” coverage by private insurance, be able to take responsibility for such action when necessary;     
- Possess the commander and / or the crew required for the tour.
Announcing your boat is quick and easy. Just click on the "Boat rental?" at the top of the screen and fill in all the requested information. This information involves characteristics such as boat model, photos, capacity, size, internal structure, options, among others. Tip: Photos are one of the most important attributes when choosing a customer, so take good pictures of your boat!
Advertising your boat is 100% free. When you register with RBarcos, your vessel gains visibility through our platform. To cover our hosting, advertising and profitability costs, we charge a commission on the rental amount.
The daily rental of the boat is 10 hours. The stipulated period starts at 8 am and ends at 6 pm, however, if there is a demand for different times by the navigator (client) in which the boat owner agrees, it is possible to negotiate this period.
When the navigator (customer) requests a reservation, our systems contact the vessel owner to confirm availability and accept, which occurs within a maximum period of 24 hours. If confirmed, our systems release the navigator to make the payment, guaranteeing the vessel's reservation for the desired period.
It is necessary that you have the recognition and acceptance of our Service Agreement, by which we will have the registration of your bank details. When we receive payment from the navigator (customer), after the approval of your reservation, we will transfer the deducted amount of 20% within 48 hours, depending on the chosen form of payment.
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