RBarcos - Cancellation / Postponement Policy / Tour

Cancellation / Postponement Policy / Tour

Our sailors who cancel the rental of the vessels are entitled to a full or partial refund.

The vessel owner cannot cancel the tour, only postpone it until a later date to be presented.

Reasons that can lead to the cancellation of a tour
  • Withdrawal due to the navigator's particular reason within the maximum period of 24 hours of acceptance of the reservation.
  • When the arrival of a vessel at the embarkation point is delayed by more than 45 minutes, you can give up the tour. In this case, you must remember that the refund you will receive will not be the full value of the purchase of that tour.
  • In case of a delay of more than an hour and a half, the navigator may request a full refund of the tour / daily.
  • Vessel delay can occur for several reasons: unscheduled maintenance, bad weather, change of crew or crew, health problems with the crew, problems with the RBarcos system.
Loss of boarding - Postponement

The vessel will be at the agreed boarding point of the scheduled departure time up to the limit of one and a half hours. Passengers arriving late for boarding after this time must request the postponement of the tour directly through the Control Panel of the RBarcos website.


The amount to be refunded depends on the moment the navigator requested the cancellation:

  • Total (no fees charged)
    • Within a maximum period of 24 hours after booking.
    • With delays in the arrival of the vessel more than an hour and a half.
  • Partial (we will charge 10% administrative fee)
    • When the arrival of a vessel at the point of departure is delayed by more than 45 minutes and less than an hour and a half.

The deadline for reimbursement of tour fees is seven days. Counting starts from the browser's request date. The refund is made according to the payment method used by the navigator: cash (the money is returned to the holder's bank account), credit card (the money is returned to the credit card operator within seven days) , debit card (the money is returned to the account of the holder) or through an affiliated agency. Remembering that in the latter case, the repayment term may change.

The navigator can choose to receive the refund through credits to purchase a new tour. In this case, RBarcos will inform the navigator on its Control Panel on the website www.rbarcos.com.br the amount and validity of these credits. The navigator has the right to use the credits as he sees fit, with the purchase of tours for him or for third parties.

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